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Best Termite Treatment – Termidor is a solution that works!

Termidor is a premium termite control product that quickly eliminates termites and provides long term residual control.  It has an enviable reputation for being the best termite treatment choice for homeowners and commercial buildings in Australia and around the world.  For over 10 years Termidor has established a new level of confidence when it comes to termite control.

PestAway is an experienced and accredited Termidor applicator.  We have successfully treated hundreds of Melbourne homes suffering termite invasion with Termidor. The Termidor solution offers many unparalleled advantages. Unlike inferior methods of repellent termiticides and baiting treatments, there are no gaps in the treatment program that termites can exploit.  Instead, Termidor is a non-repellent which means that termites are unable to detect the chemical.  They are therefore unable to avoid ingesting or coming in contact with this innovative termiticide.

Fundamental to Termidor’s success is its unique ability to create infected carrier termites. Termidor is therefore capable of wiping out large colonies of termites as infected termites carry the termiticide back to the nest. By wiping out hundreds and thousands of termites at their source, Termidor confidentently maintains long term control and the ultimate home protection.


Frequently asked questions

How safe is Termidor?

Termidor has been given the stamp of approval by the Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medical Authority and Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing. It is not harmful to humans, animals and does not adversely affect the environment.  It has been safely used on well over 4 million homes and buildings.

Termidor is odourless and water-based.

Can I apply Termidor myself?

Termidor is only available to accredited Professional Pest Managers.  PestAway has trained and experienced termite control technicians who are licensed and accredited. This ensures safe and effective administration so termites can be effectively eradicated.

How do I know if my Pest Technician is accredited?

Termite related damage costs individual homeowners thousands of repair dollars. Avoid gambling with your most valuable asset. To see if your chosen Pest control company is an accredited and competent Termidor applicator, please click here.

How long will Termidor take to act?

Termidor can start to take effect within days.  Termidor has very low water solubility and provides superior longevity for termite protection for a registered minimum of 8 years.

Tell me more about the Termidor 2 million dollar structural warranty?

Most home insurance policies offers no protection for termite related damage.  The Termidor Assurance warranty covers structural damage for up to 2 million dollars.  The warranty limitations include requirements such as –  Termidor must be

  • applied by an accredited applicator,
  • annual follow up inspections by the licensed and accredited Termidor Applicator,
  • satisfactory compliance with all compulsory inspection reports and
  • the warranty must be submitted and approved via the online submission form.

To learn more about Termidor’s structural assurance warranty, please click here.

How do I know if my home is at risk for termites?

Australian homes have a 1 in 3 chance of suffering termite damage.  Some regions and suburbs are worse than others.  If your neighbour has termites then your risk is escalated and you should take action to have your home professionally inspected and protected.  Unfortunately, the reality is most people do not inform their neighbours.

To assist homeowners who we know are at increased risk, we have created a Google hotspot map. The map indicates the streets uncovered in the last 6 months in which the PestAway Termite team has successfully serviced for termite activity.

The PestAway termite team is a dedicated and experienced team of 4 licensed technicians.  If this is what we have uncovered, the scary fact is we are just scratching the surface of a much larger issue.

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