Our Home Protection Pest Plan can save you money

PestAway offers an annual Pest Protection Plan for homeowners who live in high risk areas for pest invasion.  The plan is a low cost solution for all year round pest protection and was introduced to financially assist many homeowners to resolve domestic pest issues.  The great thing about it is that all pest control services are included under the one umbrella and we guarantee that we have you covered!

The plan includes a comprehensive risk assessment report of your home and garden. The report is carried by one of our highly qualified and licensed pest technicians. Recommendations are made to minimise pest invasion. Three annual pest inspections are scheduled at your convenience and any treatment services are covered under the package.

Additionally, the protection plan protects against termite home damage

Termites are a real and increasing risk to Melbourne homeowners. The CSIRO recommends annual inspections to protect home owners from suffering expensive timber related repairs. If termites are left undetected, repair costs can very quickly escalate into thousands of dollars. Most home insurance policies do not cover termite damage.  The PestAway home protection plan confidently safeguards your home from termites by carefully monitoring for hidden infestations.