Bird netting - Commercial Pest Bird Control

As qualified installers and licensed pest bird technicians, PestAway are the experts when it comes to total bird exclusion.  With a wide range of versatile bird netting solutions, we have been assisting commercial properties to eliminate pest bird damage, disease and annoying habitation.

Not only can we install one of the strongest and most versatile bird netting systems in the world, we offer competitive pricing and fully guarantee our work. We take the time to give you experienced advice for a wide range of architectural facades. By carefully assessing your pest bird problem we confidently create cost effective long term solutions.

Versatile & discreet
Target all bird species
Strong & durable
Cost Effective

How does bird netting work?

By carefully identifying the pest bird species and matching the netting mesh size accordingly, StealthNet Bird Netting provides an effective and humane barrier.  It is an effective and long term solution against bird related property damage, disease spread and annoying congested bird activity.

What are suitable areas for Bird Netting installation?

StealthNet Bird Netting is a highly versatile solution to creating a bird free zone.  It comes in a range of different mesh sizes and pre-cut sections.  With a vast range of installation hardware to choose from, it can be used on just about any architectural facade.

Common areas for Bird Netting application include courtyards, warehouse ceilings, bridge undersides, church steeples, ledges, billboard, balconies, loading docks, hangers, eaves, roofs, air-conditioning enclosures, billboards, signs etc

How durable is the Bird Netting?

Utilising the latest technology, the StealthNet Bird Net is made from dense, ultra-violet stabilised polyethylene twine.  With correct installation, longevity is greater than 10 years.  The knotted cable twine is 5 times stronger than inferior plastic netting systems and does not tear or sag over time.

The mechanical fixtures ensure solid connection with the facade and are available in galvanised and stainless steel.

With excellent thermal and chemical resistance, it is also an outstanding electrical insulator.

How can I make sure the Bird Netting sits discreetly?

StealthNet mesh twine is incredibly strong whilst also remaining discreetly thin in appearance.  With 3 colour choices available, application fit outs go almost unnoticed.

Together with the cabling system and pre cut mesh sizes, the bird netting is carefully installed to fit seamlessly against various shaped facades and areas.

What kind of advice and service can I expect from PestAway?

We can attend to your enquiry immediately and put you in contact with our Bird Netting Specialists. As knowledgeable pest bird technicians, our team of dedicated experts will assess your problem area and the pest bird species involved.

We ensure the right pest bird solution is carefully tailored so we may achieve 100% bird exclusion. Therefore, we advice and assist in helping you make the right Bird Netting product selection. As qualified and experienced installers we can effectively manage every aspect of the project.

PestAway offers competitive pricing, quality products and accurate quoting.  As experienced installers, our installation is a slick and precise process thereby decreasing labour costs. Reassuringly, we fully guarantee our bird control work.