Protect your business from pest invasion!

Top 8 reasons why clients choose PestAway 

  • we are HACCP, AQIS and Auditor specialists
  • we are licensed by the Health Department
  • fully trained and qualified technicians with specialty interests
  • we use natural biodegradable based products approved by law
  • we are fully insured and guarantee our pest protection service
  • we take the time to meet, understand and assess your requirements
  • we deliver cost effective strategies by custom tailoring proven solutions
  • you have 24/7 access to your Pestrend Analysis report online

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Here's our Pest Management Service in a Nutshell

Step One

Protection for all Commercial Requirements

For 20 years we have successfully managed all types of commercial pest control by delivering intelligently designed protection plans. We have a team of hand picked experts with specialty pest control interests and carefully match the right Pest Management Technician to your needs.  This not only gives our clients peace of mind but also allows us to be cost effective in our service fee.

Step Two

Risk Assessment Report

Our expert Pest Management Technician will arrange a meeting with you at your place of business.  The purpose of the meeting is to listen to your requirements, assess your workplace, create a registered floor plan and discuss a plan of management to prevent, control and deter pest invasion.  We present you with a comprehensive risk assessment report.

Step Three

Prevention is best policy

To protect your business and significantly lower your pest management service fee, PestAway will assist you to secure your property with effective preventative measures.  These are often simple solutions that target predicable modes of pest behaviour.  This environmentally friendly approach is a first line defence.

Step Four

Custom tailored service plan

At PestAway we understand that every place of business carries different pest invasion risks and areas of priority.  Our custom tailored service solutions set up barrier protection points and control stations around your property.  We visit your property to regularly assess, maintain and report pest trend data.

Step Five

24/7 Pestrend Online

Our commercial clients have 24/7 access to their Pest Management Protection Plan.  This includes a well maintained risk assessment report, pest trend analysis at each control station with every visit, expert data analysis with a well  documented course of action and recommendations. This gives the ultimate peace of mind that PestAway delivers on its promise to protect your business.

Step Six

State and Federal Health and Safety Requirements

Our paperless reporting system means that businesses will be able to oversee our service actions and recommendations.  They will also have hassle free and readily available proof of compliance to meet State and Federal health and safety requirements.