PestAway is an Australian owned reputable company that has been successfully carrying out pest management services for 20 years.  Our pest control qualifications are licensed by law ensuring safe and effective pest management.

Whilst we always endeavour to undertake pest control measures that don’t involve pesticide use, in some circumstances this is not always possible. Licensing requirements serves to regulate and protect pest control operators, the public and the environment.

  • PestAway is licensed under the Department of health under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 and Public Health and Wellbeing regulations 2009.
  • Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 and Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2007, PestAway undertakes measures to ensure the safety of its employees in handling and administration of hazardous substances.
  • PestAway takes all measures necessary to protect the environment, agricultural produce and livestock by using registered pesticides only in strict compliance with label directions.  We are governed by the Agricultural and Vetinary Chemicals (Control of Use) Act 1992 and Agricultural and Vetinary Chemicals (Control of Use) Regulations 2007.

PestAway is a voluntary member of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Associotion (AEPMA). Clients can expect many benefits when engaging our pest management services. The additional professional guidelines that we follow are carefully implemented to ensure we deliver service excellence in environmental pest deterrence, control and eradication.

PestAway is an industry leader for maintaining high performance standards.

  • we submit to independent audits
  • we adher to a stringent set of qualifications
  • we conform to a strict code of ethics for pest control
  • we are insured for both professional indemnity and public liability
  • we participate in accredited training and professional development
  • we have access to the latest news and developments
  • we are recognised for delivering the highest industry standards
  • we keep up to date about latest pesticide information and advances which are are registered by the National Registration Authority for Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (the NRA).  We continually monitor application guidelines to minimise risk to people, animals and the environment.

PestAway also complies with broad industry regulations.  These include the following…

  • ISO 9001 – refers to quality management to ensure quality service is consistently met.
  • ISO 14001 – refers to monitoring environmental impact and improving performance.
  • AS 4801 – refers to minimising risk and maximising health and safety.
  • AS3660.1 – 2000 sets out requirements for termite management for new buildings and AS3660.2 – 2000 and guidelines for termite management in and around existing buildings.
  • AS4349.3 –  2010 – when buying a house. Note, other than termites, timber pests such as borers and wood decay or rot will be investigated.
  • Endorsed by HACCP Australia – we assist commercial clients to maintain standards to comply with regulatory auditing for food safety management.