Rats in the Roof – Not so cute after all …

It’s a very common problem to find rats in the roof, particulary in the upper parts of tall buildings. Their excellent climbing ability and fine wire balancing skills allows them to traverse into places you’d never expect possible. Nesting in the roof void and walls can seem like a harmless problem at first, but left unmonitored, rats in the roof can soon turn into an expensive and dangerous health and safety risk.

As they gnaw through cables and cords creating electrical hazards, rats are also responsible for countless food contamination cases and serious spread of disease.  Of the many diseases rats are capable of transmitting, the most insidious and widespread involves the distribution of food poisoning organisms such as Salmonella. Coupled with their prolific breeding cycles, the adverse accumulative effects of their presence should be met with concern.

With an enviable ability (hehehe) to poop more than 50 times per day and sprinkle urine over whatever they like, it’s possible to uncover evidence that you may have a problem. Before you know it, the occasional night time roof sounds can escalate into daytime sightings indicative of a growing rat population.

Rodent control methods begin with a thorough inspection by a trained and licensed pest control technician.  Where possible, every attempt should be taken to limit availability of food and shelter to the rat.  Sealing any potential access points into the building is desirable. Due to the size and structure of many large commercial sites, rat proofing can also be combined with trapping techniques and safely administered chemical control.

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